July 2, 2021

Best Wine And Bars Around The World

Did you know you can get to know about a place by the taste of the wine provided there?

The wine bars are decorative, and it is a celebration to be in here. Here are the best places to visit and taste the wine.

Wine Bar do Castelo

Most people consider this as the number 1 restaurant in Lisbon. After visiting this restaurant, the satisfaction that we get is something that has to be credited while this place was found by accident. It is a Wine Bar and not a restaurant whose owner was brilliant in adding the finest of Portuguese cured and chorizos, Coins, cheese, and smoked ham.

Best Wine And Bars Around The World


Dalmatian Coast is a region where wine is an integral part of life for many people with a wholesome variety. So when you visit Dubrovnik, you shouldn't be leaving the place without having a glass of their local wine. The atmosphere in this wine Bar is exceptional, and it also offers cozy interiors and sound setting of tables on the narrow outside. The glass of wine will make your mind refreshing, and the region's star wines include potent plavac mali reds, konavle valley's refreshing malvasia, Korcula Island's fruity posip white.

Cork and bottle wine bar

Drinks from London's West End are highly costly and to get it cheap is a rare sight. Yet, even in the crowded 0lace of Leicester square, you find yourself a place where you can have a quiet, reasonably priced restaurant that is known as Cork and Bottle.

On the basement level, a Wine Bar is situated. But most of the people walk through without noticing it. The cozy Bar served many wines from all types of price ranges, with some side dishes provided on the menu.

Obladee Wine Bar

The only wine bar that is present in downtown Halifax is Oblande. This Bar's atmosphere is quite casual with every changing wine menu and it also serves beers, ciders, and other drinks if you want to have some. A pair of three wines together is served at a reasonable price, and it is called flights. The cheese and charcuterie are also served with local sources.

Best Wine And Bars Around The World

Swirl Wine Bar

Swirl Wine Bar is a small, converted apartment that is above a pet store in Leslieville in the East end. Although there is no kitchen here, they have some spectacular appetizers and desserts preserved in small mason jars. The wine price is low and affordable. They also have three beers which could be a better combination for the meal as well. They host themes that are enjoyable and mesmerizing to have food in such an atmosphere. It is perfect for a date but not for a large group as it is a tiny place.

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