November 22, 2021

Must-Try Galicia Food

Spain is a country which is famous for its cuisine. There are many dishes to try when we visit Spain.

Spain is a place where you find different food in different regions.

Galicia is located in the coastal region, which spreads across 1000 miles. It is obvious to assume we can get many varieties of seafood which includes both fish and shellfish.

Must-Try Galicia Food

Arroz Marinero Gallega

Arroz Marinero Gallega is a rice dish, and it is also known as "Marine" rice. It looks similar to that of a famous Spanish Paella from Valencia; it has several differences. In Arroz Marinero, there are common ingredients like prawns, mussels, squid, and clams, but Spanish Paella has meat in it. People usually like razor clams that are added to this dish as it is tender and sweet. Perfect rice is added to this.


Mussels are prominently found in the Rias Baixas area in Galicia. Along with the coastline, these mussels are grown on floating nurseries which are called "bateau.”

If you like mussels and are a fan of them, you can coincide with the Annual Arouca Mussels Festival held in August, where thousands of people gather together and celebrate them.


By now, you might have got an idea that people in Galicia eat more seafood than meat. But there is a particular food that is available in Galicia only for meat lovers. This dish is prepared using grilled pork or beef spare ribs. It includes primarily beef and most grilled meat. Like BBQ, Churrascada is a popular gathering of friends and family, where different meats are grilled and served to the community members.

Pulpo à Feira

This is a typical Galician dish that means "Fair-Style octopus.” Traditionally dried octopus was used for cooking this dish. But now, it has been replaced with frozen octopus as it is much easier to cook and more "workable."

It is served in a unique way where potatoes cooked are kept in their skins on embers and served on a wooden plate. According to the tradition that the people follow, red wine is served with this food instead of water as it should not be served.


Empanada is generally a traditional Galician dish that has its variations worldwide.

In England, the Cornish Pasty is prepared, which is similar to an empanada and in India, it is the samosa.

It is made by folding the dough and filling meat inside with

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